Our Story

It all began when we realised there’s a big need for more laughter in our lives. Seriously need them. Our founders Rizal Kamal and Jack Jeganesan decided to organise comedy shows on a regular basis in clubs and theatres in Kuala Lumpur.

Then BOOM! Russell Peters, Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart just to drop some names, LOL did the whole shebang of comedy – owned a comedy club, produced comedy series with Comedy Central and other networks, comedy festivals, hundreds of shows and entertained millions. Thus, we created a new culture of loving laughter, which is a really cool and healthy activity – proven by science! 

So now, with bigger aspirations and 10 years of “hard” work, LOL Events is rebranded as LOL Asia. We are looking to do more amazing things – highly entertaining creative shows, global partnerships and taking comedy to a whole new level. 

Comedy is serious business. Well, we take it seriously. For your enjoyment.


Create a happier and more productive society, by making laughter central to the lives of millions.


Comedy Shows & Tours

We make comedy happen.
We conceptualise, produce and manage shows.
We promote comics and laughter.
From club shows to arenas.
From One-off Shows to Nationwide Tours and International Events.

Are you an artist and want to take your career to the next level?
Contact jack@wearelol.asia

Creative Comedy Content

We Co-produced 3 Seasons of Stand Up, Asia! on Comedy Central.
We worked on various comedy projects with Astro and iFlix.
Currently we are working on a major travel comedy show, a comedy movie and dozens of web shorts for social media.

Want to co-produce or buy comedy content from us?
Contact rini@wearelol.asia

Comedy Festival

Since 2014, we’ve organised our annual comedy festival where together with the best local and international comedians we celebrate laughter and diversity.

We cover all types of comedy including stand-up acts, comedy magic, acrobatic comedy, children comedy, improvisations, Japanese comedy, multilingual comedy and more.

We are on a mission to organise even bigger and louder comedy festivals! Like really BIG ones!

Sponsors interested in our comedy festival?
Contact rizal@wearelol.asia