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The emancipation of Joanne Kam into the entertainment industry in the 90s, turned around and introduces a whole new meaning of comedy in the conservative night scene of Kuala Lumpur. The explosion of her talent on stage also catapulted the success of Kuala Lumpur’s first cabaret club called the Boom Boom RoomBoom Boom Room quickly became the Studio 54 of Kuala Lumpur with Joanne Kam, reigning as its risqué mistress, dishing out her scandalous jokes to her ocean of eager fans that commuted weekly to pay tribute to the “Diva Queen”. Kuala Lumpur was never the same again.

Joanne’s distinct style of acid tongue humor earned her the reputation of being one of the most notoriously funny lady on Malaysian stage. The audience just couldn’t get enough of her candid, risqué jokes.

Her outfits as well were a statement of their own, tight fitting sequins gowns with plunging necklines that accentuated Joanne’s full ample assets. Her style created a revolution and confidence booster for women of all shapes & sizes who started idolizing her for her daring fashion sense. Bigger-sized females in Kuala Lumpur began showing off their ample curves instead of covering up in sacks and having as much fun as their skinny counterparts. Kuala Lumpur was shocked and in awe, and fell head over heels for this bawdy, voluptuous comedian.